Improve your skills during summer vacation by experiencing game commentary video production and becoming a one-day game company employee at one go!

2017 Summer workshop for kids:
One-Day Job Experience Report

On August 22, 2017, Nexon held its fifth summer workshop for kids, the One-Day Job Experience, at its head office in Tokyo. About 20 students from elementary school and junior high school gathered at Nexon to participate in a game commentary video production workshop and to experience being an employee of a game company!

Check out the video to see how the event looked, including the venue decked out with Nexon-esque decorations by Nexon’s Production Department. (Japanese)

Let’s create a game commentary video of Nexon’s mobile game Evil Factory!

Game commentary video production ranks among children’s top desired professions that they wish to do in the future. With this as the workshop theme, the students worked to create game commentary videos using Nexon’s mobile game Evil Factory.

Play the game and record scenes to use in the video!

The kids started off by playing Evil Factory. For some kids, this was their first time playing the game. However, they received advice from our staff members and had fun playing it. They seemed a little nervous at first, but once they got used to the game, they made recordings of scenes to be used in their game commentary videos.

Start a game commentary!

Put on a microphone and create your game commentary! Many of the kids routinely check out gameplay videos as a hobby, so it was impressive to see how smoothly they commentated on their gameplay. They took a shot at this activity repeatedly to refine their videos, and each student tackled the task of creating a game commentary video by infusing it with his or her originality.

Let’s insert BGMs and effects in the video!

Once they completed the video recording, the students tried their hands at inserting BGMs and effects. Each team took on the role of gameplay narrators to create their video as they wanted. For instance, they inserted an opening movie that they shot themselves, adding sound effects to the scene where an enemy was defeated.

Let’s look at the videos created by each team! How did the videos turn out?

The game commentary videos that the students worked so hard on were finally complete! All the team members had fun watching their own videos. Everyone got excited and the venue was full of laughter and comments such as, “What a way to comment on the game!” and “This effect is interesting!”

Nexon’s office tour - Experiencing online game work

In addition to making a game commentary video, the kids also took a tour of Nexon’s office and had a taste of what working there looks like. The students had the opportunity to tour an online game company that is rarely open to visitors. They learned directly about different jobs at an online game company from current employees.

The kids experienced what kind of work is done in the working area where the employees actually work and deepened their understanding of Nexon and online games by asking questions and having once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Creating art videos by re-purposing smartphones that are no longer needed in the company!

As an icebreaker, we introduced kids to video art that utilized smartphones that had been lying around and were no longer needed by the company. It is a unique art in which characters move across smartphones by playing videos in a timely manner. Every team enjoyed watching the art, struggling to measure the timing of playing videos.

Everyone came together for a group photo

At the end of the event, the students received a certificate of completion for their hard work as one-day Nexon employees and took a commemorative photo together with all participating kids and staff.

Good job, everyone!

To school officials and parents

Nexon offers kids’ activities that contribute to school education, including hands-on career experience as well as activities that foster kids’ dreams and personalities. We will proactively continue with our initiatives going forward.

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