How about a little bit of a grand experience?

2015 Summer workshop for kids:
One-Day Job Experience Report

On August 7th, 2015, Nexon held its third One-Day Job Experience Event through Nexon’s Summer Vacation Support Project, which is conducted every year in our head office in Tokyo. A total of 17 students in higher elementary and junior high school grades participated in the event. They became one-day online game employees and experienced creating original VR (virtual reality) content using the latest technology. They also toured the office to see how actual work is done at an online game company.

Hot topic:virtual reality! Moving from an era of “experience” to an era of “creation”!

The theme of this event was VR, which is often picked up by the media as well. The event started out with learning “What is VR?” using VR goggles that the students created themselves.

What is VR? Let’s experience it using your smartphones!

VR stands for “virtual reality.” It is a cutting-edge technology that allows people to experience a virtual reality world that is created using CG, for example. At this event, the students first experienced VR using their hand-made VR goggles.

Overwhelming 360-degree panorama! VR photography fieldwork

Using a special camera that can take 360-degree photos, the students took VR photographs in different places such as inside the Nexon office, a nearby park, and a bridge to use as backgrounds for their VR content.

VR content programming

The main part of this event! Although the students initially struggled with their first attempts at programming, they enjoyed creating uniquely original VR content through trial and error.

Nexon office tour

The students got to see how people work in the Production and Operations departments at an online game company. Their eyes were glued to the screen as they eagerly listened to the explanations.

Group photo

A commemorative photo with the group members that worked hard together during the event.

Good job, everyone!

To school officials and parents

Nexon offers kids’ activities that contribute to school education, including hands-on career experience as well as activities that foster kids’ dreams and personalities. We will proactively continue with our initiatives going forward.