Nexon considers it an important goal to create a social environment by developing our ties with society and the local community through our services.

We are especially focused on activities that offer fun and excitement to kids
-who represent the future- and to the members of the local community.

Our Initiatives


One of the largest game
conferences in Korea

Nexon Developers Conference

At Nexon, for the purpose of sharing know-how and experiences in game development and operations, the conference for game developers…


You can become an employee at
an online game company!

Summer workshop for kids:
One-Day Job Experience

At Nexon, we offer the opportunity to give kids a career experience and nurture their curiosity, featuring a different theme every time…


Coding Which Changes the World
Nexon Youth Programming Challenge { }

NYPC is a coding competition for youths that Nexon has been holding every year since 2016 to raise awareness…


<Game a game/invite you_>
Special Online Exhibit of the 25th Anniversary
of Korean Online Games

<Game a game/invite you_> is a special online exhibit of the 25th Anniversary of Korean online games – a celebration of innovation...


A Magical Place Where Reading Is Fun
Nexon Small Library

Starting with its first one from 2004, NEXON Small Library has been one of the major CSR projects. A total of 121 small libraries…


Enhance children’s imagination
and creativity by playing bricks

Brick Play

Nexon Foundation partners with non-profit organizations and social ventures to offer qulality play opportunities to children around the world, through the…


Support smile of children
PURME Foundation
NEXON Children's Rehabilitation Hospital

Being the first of its kind in Korea, PURME Foundation NEXON Children's Rehabilitation Hospital was opened in 2016 with major support from …


Pass the histories of games and
computers to the next generation

Nexon Computer Museum

Computers have undergone a dynamic and fast-paced evolution for the last four decades. It set critical roles for the establishment of world-…


Nexon Contens Festival

An event where game players can enjoy using Nexon’s games IP to create their own art and goods(Korean)...


Nexon Foundation
We kindle and nurture the desire to create

Nexon Foundation is Nexon’s commitment to giving back and encouraging youth to create...


Turning kids’ ideas into reality
MIRAI Creators Project

Kids represent the future. To help them become “creators who can turn their ideas into reality,” Nexon…


Experience lessons taught by
professional baseball players!

Chiba Lotte Marines Kids’ Baseball Class

With the cooperation of the Chiba Lotte Marines, this program started in 2013 to contribute towards the healthy growth of young people…