Nexon considers it an important goal to create a social environment
by developing our ties with society and the local community through our services.

Since Nexon is engaged in the online game publishing business, we have significant IT assets including PCs and smartphones.
We are taking the initiative to effectively utilize these IT assets to create a social environment.

Proceeds from the internal sale of
PCs were used to build wells
in the Republic of Kenya

Jointly with gloops, Inc., Nexon held a “PC raffle sale” to sell our long-stored IT assets including PC terminals to our employees.

We donated the proceeds from the sale, along with contributions from both companies, to an NGO called TEAM & TEAM INTERNATIONAL to build wells that deliver clean water to the Republic of Kenya.

Re-purposing smartphones
that are no longer needed
in the company for kids’ art activities

Nexon holds a summer workshop for kids, the One-Day Job Experience. This is an opportunity to give kids a career experience and nurture their curiosity. In the workshop, kids can experience being an online game company employee at one go.

In a past workshop, as an icebreaker, we introduced kids to video art that utilized smartphones that had been lying around and were no longer needed by the company.

When the videos’ playing times were synchronized, the kids were able to display a unique artwork where the characters from Nexon’s PC online game MapleStory moved from one smartphone to another.