Nexon Developers Conference

Since 2007, Nexon has been holding the
Nexon Developers Conference (NDC),
which is one of the largest conferences for
game developers in Korea,
to share their
game development and operations
experience and expertise.

Latest NDC


At the Nexon Developers Conference 2022 (NDC22) held through June 8 – 10, Nexon CEO Owen Mahoney gave a welcome speech and Dae-Hyun Kang, COO of Nexon Korea delivered a keynote session on "The Blockchain-Driven Evolution of Virtual Worlds".


You can watch the welcome speech by Nexon CEO, Owen Mahoney and the keynote session by Dae-hwon Kim, Vice President of Nexon Korea at NDC21 from the links below.


You can watch the welcome speech and keynote session of NDC held in 2018, which received great responses from the links below.

History of NDC

NDC was first held with the purpose of sharing and accumulating expertise internally. The event was then opened to the public in 2011 in response to many external voices wishing to participate.

You can see how NDC grew in scale year by year in this video, which was played on site as the opening movie for NDC17.

Opening movie

Why do we hold NDC?

NDC is not a mandatory event for Nexon, which is a general private company. However, our wish to become a platform for the development of the game industry is the reason why we hold NDC every year.

Although we used to set a theme for NDC every year, we have not done so since NDC17. This is because we consider Nexon’s role to provide the space and time for the conference, while it is the participants’ role to create the story of what happens there. Our aim is not to take a position to guide the game industry or to advocate for something in particular. We are aiming to take on the role of a platform, a “space” for the participants to exchange their ideas on trends and striking events within the game industry, and to encourage each other to aim higher.

NDC also provides a good opportunity for Nexon employees to strengthen their bonds with each other. NDC is not only about sessions. During the event, employees can participate in various programs that liven things up, including musical performances by Nexon’s bands, art exhibitions with artists’ participation, and an AI programming contest held by Nexon’s internal programming community.