What is a work that offers fun to people?

2014 Summer workshop for kids:
One-Day Job Experience Report

We kicked off Nexon’s Summer Vacation Support Project in the summer of 2014. Through this project, we held One-Day Nexon Job Experience events on August 8th for elementary students and August 22nd for junior high school students, who came to our head office in Tokyo. Approximately 30 students attended each event.

Creating and refining a Japanese board game, “Sugoroku”

The participating students who became one-day Nexon employees experienced the work of game operations and offering fun to people centered on the theme of creating and refining a Japanese board game, “Sugoroku”. The students were given the following mission: analyze and refine a finished game to make it a “fun game”!

Let’s play the game first!

The students started out by playing with a simple Sugoroku board and discussing what they thought about it. Then, they came up with ideas for improving the board to make the game more fun.

Refining the game!

One of Nexon’s game operations team staff members appeared as a “Sugoroku advisor” to explain the work procedures and rules. Then, the students split up into groups and started the refining process.

Rules to refine a Sugoroku game
① Set a concept
② Set basic rules
③ Get it done on time

A set of rules, such as the above, was established for the work. The students were asked to finish their best work within the set of restrictions.

The Sugoroku game that students came up with was play-tested.

Adjustments were made to make it even better.

When they were finished, the students exchanged their Sugoroku boards with the team next to them and fully engaged in playing the game. They then discussed what they thought of each other’s games.
Did the other team think the game was fun?!

Lastly, the“Sugoroku advisor”gave a presentation on the good aspects of each team’s Sugoroku.

Good job, everyone!

To school officials and parents

Nexon offers kids’ activities that contribute to school education, including hands-on career experience as well as activities that foster kids’ dreams and personalities. We will proactively continue with our initiatives going forward.