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2013 Summer workshop for kids:
One-Day Job Experience Report

On August 26, 2013, a special summer workshop, One-Day Nexon Job Experience, was held at Nexon’s head office in Tokyo, Japan.

On the day of the event, 28 junior high school students arrived who were invited to learn about important things to keep in mind when playing online games, along with basic knowledge as responsible members of society. They also experienced first-hand what we do at Nexon, including working as a group to create game items and coordinating game characters’ fashion to recommend to customers.

Let’s start with the basics!

Business manners
The students attended a session on essential business manners that responsible members of society must have.
What is Nexon?
The students were given information on the company that Nexon employees need to know. This ended with a fun quiz to check their knowledge.
How to play online games
The students reviewed the rules for playing online games in a fun and safe way, including “setting a daily limit on one’s playtime.”

Now, experiencing real jobs at a game company!

Experiencing a game master’s job

The students experienced coordinating the avatar fashions to be displayed on MapleStory’s official website using actual game screens. The students were given the theme of “autumn.” Although it was a hot summer day, the items were selected in anticipation of the coming season. After much trial and error, they came up with fashionably coordinated costumes that players would surely want to try out on their avatars.

Experiencing a creator’s job: A copywriter

The students were asked to design ads and come up with ideas for banners posted on MapleStory’s official website. They had to think about how to express the information they wanted to convey using catchphrases (words) and illustrations. Many of the participants said, “This is so difficult!”

Experiencing a creator’s job: A game designer

The students were asked to design MapleStory’s in-game chair item for the New Year update in 2014. Everyone was eager to design the item, hearing the best design will be implemented in the actual game. Our stuff members were stimulated by the student’s unique ideas.

Work pieces by the students

  • Fashion coordinated by the students
  • Banners created based on the students’ designs
  • Design art based on excellent works

Feedback from participating students

“It made me want to work in the game industry in the future.”
“I learned about the fun of working and the corresponding difficulties and hardships.”
“It made me let go of my preconceptions that companies are a reserved and formal place. “

To school officials and parents

Nexon offers kids’ activities that contribute to school education, including hands-on career experience as well as activities that foster kids’ dreams and personalities.