Experience game programming and become a game company employee or one day

2016 Summer workshop for kids:
One-Day Job Experience Report

As an opportunity to give kids a hands-on career experience and nurture their curiosity, Nexon holds a summer workshop for kids: the One-Day Job Experience. Kids can participate in a workshop with a different theme every year and experience being an online game company employee at one go. This year, Nexon held the fourth meeting of this event on July 29, 2016 at Nexon’s head office in Tokyo. Many elementary and junior high school students participated.

Let’s create an original game using Nexon’s IP and game materials!

Let’s brainstorm game ideas!

The students broke into teams and discussed what genre of game they wanted to create -i.e., a crane game, a shooting game, a combat game, or some other types of game- as well as which Nexon characters and game materials to use, including those from MapleStory and Dungeon&Fighter.

Start programming games!

The kids started programming their games using Scratch installed with Nexon’s IP and game materials, which were prepared in advance for this event. The kids impressively came up with a wide variety of games with their rich imagination, making good use of characters and adding their own original spins to the game narratives.

※What is Scratch?
Scratch is an environment that can be used to learn programming developed by MIT Media Lab, which allows you to learn basic programming concepts through game creation. Since you don’t need to write difficult codes and you can start off by simply using your mouse, even programming beginners can work on this platform comfortably.

We also held an online game company office tour!

As one-day Nexon employees, the students got to see how people work in the production and operations departments at an online game company, an experience that is rarely available to visitors. The kids learned about the different kinds of work at an online game company by proactively asking questions and by actually experiencing such work.

Everyone played the created games!

Once the kids finished their office tour, it was time to play the games they had created, which they were looking forward to! Everyone played the unique online games that the students had made. The participating kids played each other’s games and exchanged their impressions. They expressed, “It’s fun!”, “What an idea!”, and “I want to create more games!”

Group photo!

At the end of the day, the students received a certificate of completion for their hard work as one-day Nexon employees and took a commemorative photo together.

Good job, everyone!

To school officials and parents

Nexon offers kids’ activities that contribute to school education, including hands-on career experience as well as activities that foster kids’ dreams and personalities. We will proactively continue with our initiatives going forward.

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